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New Discreet Domestic Violence App Launches Australia Wide

Domestic Violence – Hills

A secret app that enables women (or men) to alert friends if they are being threatened by their partners is being launched this week in memory of Lisa Harnum, who was thrown to her death from her apartment balcony by her abusive fiancé in 2011.

Announced to coincide with White Ribbon Day, the Buzz News App presents as a regularly updated news app but hidden in the ‘Help’ section of the app is the means by which one can add a list of their safe and trusted contacts. Even if a partner checks the phone – as is often the case in abusive relationships – the app looks and acts like a standard free news app.

If a situation is becoming potentially threatening or unsafe, the victim can discreetly swipe the app which will then send a pre-written text message to the contacts alerting them of the violent situation.

The Buzz News App is a potentially life-saving and important support for women (or men) living in domestic violence. However the app is not intended to replace emergency services. If a victim is at risk of serious harm, she (or he) should call 000 for assistance.

Through the smartphone app Buzz News will be made available as a free download through the Apple Store or at As further funding becomes available the app will be developed for Android users as well.

“It is based on the same concept as Robin McGraw, who last year launched a similar app in the United States. Immediately I could see the value in having a domestic violence app that was disguised in a news feed and discreet. I set about having an Australian version created straight away”.

– Aileen Mountifield, Founder of the Lisa Harnum Foundation

About The ‘Lisa Harnum Foundation’

The Lisa Harnum Foundation was established in 2014 by Aileen Mountifield in honour of Lisa Harnum who was thrown to her death from the balcony of her apartment in July 2011 by her fiancé in response to trying to flee the relationship. The Foundation is a registered charity and is in the fundraising stage. The goal of the Foundation is to establish a Domestic Violence support centre for women in the Hills District of Sydney.