"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears"

Nelson Mandela

Norwest Counselling- An Essential Service

You are not alone. 

Sometimes in life the unexpected happens, and it up-ends our sense of stability. The last two years have definitely challenged us all as we have dealt with the impact of the global pandemic. And as we begin 2022, the challenges just seem to keep rolling.

More than ever people need support. Here at Norwest Counselling, we provide that support for the many people who are struggling to adjust to the current challenges. Our role is to help people find both the inner and outer resources to cope with the situations they are facing.

This much is true. People can get through extraordinary difficulties with the right support. 


I went to Deb as a last resort, desperate for a solution to an ongoing personal issue. I found her to be both compassionate and professional. Within a few sessions we had resolved what I thought would be a problem forever
Jarrod, 28

Sales Representative

About Deborah

Deborah Sanasi obtained her Psychology Degree from Monash University, her Masters Degree in Counselling from Excelsia Institute, and her Graduate Diploma in Emotion Focused Therapy from the Institute of Emotionally Focused Therapy (now called the Annandale Institute).

She sees individuals and couples of all ages and professions who are experiencing personal or relational difficulties.

Deborah is Clinically Registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist BA(Psychology) MA(Counselling) Grad Dip (Emotionally Focused Therapy) (candidate) PACFA (Reg. Clinical No.22044).

Deborah is also an accredited Clinical Supervisor.

At Norwest Counselling we believe that every life holds inherent worth & value.

People are incredibly resilient given the right help and support. We see it time and time again. It’s not just about ‘coping’ with what life has handed you, although coping is important. It is also about moving through the ‘stuck’ points to a new level of emotional well-being.

When this happens, people get to draw a different picture on their own slate.

Individual Sessions $160/hr        Couples Sessions $170/hr





Anger Management

Abusive Relationships


Couples Counselling

Grief & Loss

Healthy Relationships


I am much more aware of my needs and how to ask for emotional support when I need it. My relationship with my husband is stronger and more supportive for me and for him.
Heather, 42

Welfare Worker