Anxiety is characterised by:

  1. Excessive and/or unrealistic worry that is difficult to control occurring more days than not for at least 6 months about a number of events or activities.
  2. Motor tension (eg. restlessness, tiredness, shakiness, muscle tension).
  3. Autonomic hyperactivity (eg. palpitations, shortness of breath, dry mouth, trouble swallowing, nausea, diarrhea).
  4. Hypervigilance (eg. feeling constantly on edge, experiencing concentration difficulties, having trouble falling or staying asleep, exhibiting a general state of irritibility). (Jongsma, 2006)

In extreme cases an individual’s anxiety level may even escillate into a panic or anxiety attack:

‘the sudden onset of intense anxiety, characterized by feelings of intense fear and apprehension and accompanied by palpitations, shortness of breath, sweating, and trembling’ (American Heritage Dictionary).

Is this you?

Whether extreme or mild, living in a state of fear is extremely draining and challenging.

Talking with a professional about what you are experiencing, and developing strategies to help alleviate your anxiety can improve your quality of life.

There are several evidence-based therapies in use today that have been proven to assist individuals in the reduction of symptoms of anxiety.

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We offer anxiety counselling to people located around the Norwest, Baulkham Hills, Bella Vista, Castle Hill, Kellyville, Glenwood, Stanhope Gardens and Hills District areas.

Deborah did an incredible job helping me overcome my anxiety. I had been a sufferer for many years and had tried a few different options in the past often with very little or even damaging effect. Within only a handful of sessions she had helped me understand my anxiety better which in turn has greatly reduced it’s influence on my daily life. I recommend Deborah highly to anyone that may need her help.

Peter, 40

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We are situated in Lexington Drive, Bella Vista. Please feel free to contact Deborah Sanasi on 0416 166 501 to arrange an initial consultation.

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