“You gave me a helping hand when I honestly thought there was no way out of the hole I was in. You gave me the confidence to be me and to not hide. I also want to thank you because I have never been this happy and I now love being at home. Thank-you for everything.”
Karen, age 21, Hospitality


“Deb offered the best evidence-based guidance I have seen in a counsellor in the last 22 years. I finally found the counsellor who was able to guide me with gentleness, wisdom, kindness and love. She offered a depth of knowledge, wisdom and discernment which helped heal me and break me free from the past so I can live and enjoy the now and my future. You rock, Deb. In my world I call this sass”.   Lea, age 51, Academic


“Thanks Deb. Everything has been great at home thanks to you.”
Peter, age 37, Business Owner


“Deb saved my life!!!!! The most beautiful gentle caring and intelligent lady. Deb guided and supported me through my domestic violence relationship and taught me skills to set boundaries and understand the cycle of abuse and learn the stages and triggers . I thank you deb with all my heart. My life in enriched for knowing you my friend.” Kylie, Personal Trainer


“You have been such a blessing to me. I have learnt so much from you and come to a better place in my life.”
Patricia, age 32, Medical Specialist


“Deborah did an incredible job helping me overcome my anxiety. I had been a sufferer for many years and had tried a few different options in the past often with very little or even damaging effect. Within only a handful of sessions she had helped me understand my anxiety better which in turn has greatly reduced it’s influence on my daily life. I recommend Deborah highly to anyone that may need her help.”
Phillip, age 40, IT Professional


“I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 16 years ago. I had seen many psychologists and counsellors during that time. Deborah was able to guide me along to make several important breakthroughs in my life. Her intuitive ability to listen and really understand me has helped me gain strength and confidence in myself.”
Laura, 36, Music Teacher


“I was in that phase of life where dealing with the outside world was taking a heavy toll on me. Every direction I took I fell ten steps backwards; wasn’t getting anywhere with life.

That’s when I decided to take counselling with someone who could give a professional perspective to what I was dealing with. It turned out to be an answer to the many questions I was facing in my inner world. The approach and methods helped me discover the answers I needed on my own.

Very effective. I can say with confidence from my response to life challenging situations that I have been able to handle family and work situations with a positive approach and am more able to do what is required in each circumstance. I used to be a people-pleaser, but now I am able to head in that direction where I’m gaining confidence to voice my opinion.

Norwest Counselling helped me address my core issues rather than dealing with the outside symptoms. There is nothing like experiencing the beauty of life as it unfolds rather than living in constant fear. I’m truly grateful to Deborah for helping me realize this fact and live it every day.”
Richard, 35, IT Professional


“I had some major life issues to work through and decided to get counselling. Through Deborah’s kindness and expertise, I was able to unlock some of these issues and moved forward with my life. I will be eternally grateful as my life has changed in so many ways. I can now always see a clearer horizon.”
Velda, 35, Real Estate


“I feel like a load has lifted from my shoulders in some ways. I have learnt so much from her in relation to domestic violence and abuse. The knowledge and understanding has brought a feeling of empowerment and clarity. I now understand that I can control what I allow myself to be subjected to and can stand up to the behaviour and say that it is not ok any more. Deb is so gentle, caring and understanding and I know she wants the best for me”.
Lisa, age 38, Finance Director


“I am much more aware of my needs and how to ask for emotional support when I need it. My relationship with my husband is stronger and more supportive for me and for him.”
Heather, 42, Welfare Worker


“I first contacted Norwest Counselling services at a very difficult time in my life in 2012. I needed to find some help and assistance and was struggling to obtain positive non-judgemental support from friends, family and co-workers.

Most importantly I needed that somebody who would listen to my problems and help me work through and deal with what I was facing, the most difficult time in my personal life, to date.

I was dealing with a multitude of problems and needed help to heal, and to find clarity amongst the storm and chaos I was facing.

I needed help to deal with things that were dragging me down and most important being able to get on with my life, to move forward and realise that my life was just hitting a temporary speed-hump and that, once again, I would continue that journey, in a new direction.

Life was not over.

Deborah’s techniques and approach allowed me to heal, find happiness again and most importantly realise how to avoid making the same mistakes, in the future.

I am grateful for the help which I have received during my counselling sessions and realise that, just like my physical health requires maintenance and attention, so does my mental health.”
Lucas, 34, Project Manager


“I went to Deb as a last resort, desperate for a solution to an ongoing personal issue. I found her to be both compassionate and professional. Within a few sessions we had resolved what I thought would be a problem forever.”
Jarrod, 28, Sales Representative

Do you have questions or would you like to enquire about an appointment? Please leave your details below and I will be on contact with you soon.

We are situated in Lexington Drive, Bella Vista. Please feel free to contact Deborah Sanasi on 0416 166 501 to arrange an initial consultation.

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